horse riding

The centre of horsemanship "Konsul Stable" invites every rider who wants to start an amazing saddle adventure or people who have bigger experience.

We offer an active form of relaxation on fresh air. The horse riding assure you it.

The advantages of horse riding:

- It corrects abilities of concentration and focusing.

- It helps to forget about stressful situation, thanks to calm contact with an animal. The horse not judge us or criticize.

- Both the liver function and transformation metabolizm are better.

- Increase self- confident and cure complexity.

- It makes better body co-ordination

- Stiffen muscles of lumbar backbone and joints.

- The stimulation emanate serotonin- hormony which make you happy.

- It improves body apparatus

- It also intensifies circulatory system.

Saying in one sentence: only positives without negatives.


You can start learning at any age you are. Never is too late for coming true your dream.

This kind of recreation guarantee general physical condition improvement. It model silhouette. It also allows rider to lose unwanted kilogramme. You get a chance to make close relationship between horse and people.

We also invite the youngest fan of horse riding.

For the youngest group we have got excellent trained ponies. The children are always satisfied and safety during being show round. Horse riding learning teach experienced instructors. The riding sand school is safety. Our horses are calm and very understanding for beginner riders.

More experienced riders we invite to trip. The territory of trip is beautiful and full of unforgettable views from the back of horses. Nowhere can you see mountains from this kind of perspective. Here you can find quiet, peace, stream and wild animals. If you want to breath of fresh air and relaxed on the back of the horse it is an ideal place. Our bridle path spread out on the Slovakia side. Vast clearing encourage riders to gallop. It is difficult for them not to gallop. They have wind in their hair and their heart beat like a bell. It is all that need experienced riders. Beginners riders have easier but also interesting routes as well. The views are breathtaking.

We book only by telephoning.