sleigh ride

Kindly We invite organizers of teacher’s groups and companies to cooperate with our centre.

Long- term experiance let us assure you of professional preparation, winter sleigh ride service and regional binding summer as well.

We care of good image of our centre so we meet guests halfway expectations. Our superior aim is to satisfied our client.

We have got regional grill with fire- place and big tent. There is also professional exposure where the part is always successful, irrespective of the weather.

We assure you of wonderful fan with the highlander climate.

The example of the sleigh ride:
An hour of the sleigh ride or cart through Kościelska valley. The arrival to the fire- place with highlander music, electronic or alive folk band.

Basic menu:
Sausages with ketchup, mustard or other additional things.
Highlander and normal tea In abundance.
Other additional dishes which can be individually set.

(There is also possibility of Staging kidnaping by brigand or highlander dance leader but only by reservation.)

Reservation under the number 887 976 956