Kościeliskoa valley

Many people reckon that this valley is the most beautiful. This statement we find almost in every book sacred Tatra mountains.

Kościeliska valley is second the biggest valley In Polish Tatra mountains- 9 km long and area 35 km 2. Only Chochołowska valley is bigger. Many people think that it is the most beautiful and amazing valley. Such statement we read almost In every book about Tatra mountains.

Opinion worst still multitude tourists who multitudinously arrive here since 150 years. The weather not much influences decrease number of visitors guests. When the sky is cloudy the valley is: ‘as beautiful woman neglected, tousy, unwashed, wrathful and tearful its charm not lost, but also introduce as special in the negative for herself character.’ ( W. Eljasz).

Chochołowska valley

Chochołowska valley is the biggest Polish Tatra valley.

The biggest Polish Tatra valley lies on the west of mountain range. It is less popular and known than neighbouring Kościeliska valley. It is not less interested, but completely different. At the first side it crush their size, it seems to be bleak but It not miniaturise its beauty.

Here similar to neighbour Lejowa valley we can still admire pasturing herd of sheep and row of shacks. Those buildings seem to be from old photos. The scene of famous sleigh ride from The deluge ( potop) is also shoot here. The Tatra rescuer competition and commando exercises also take place in the Chochołowska valley.